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Copyright in the Mainstream

You need look no further than the CBC to find how copyright has become a popular issue. There have been no less than three segments on popular CBC Radio shows in the last week.

As said in a previous post, last Friday "Q" interviewed a marketing guru who discussed everything the music industry has been doing wrong and what they should be doing differently in light of the new P2P reality.

100 top lobbyists

The Hill Times last week ran an article identifying who they consider to be the 100 most influential people (registration required) outside of government in Ottawa. These are people who can ask for a meeting with a Minister and they will get it.

Notable persons in the list include:

Medley madness

I spent time with my wife this evening looking at Carol Burnett skits on YouTube. It was great to see some of this old stuff I haven't seen since my youth. Unfortunately these days I cannot look at anything without wondering about the copyright implications. It is a curse.

Internet is the new Radio

UPDATE: The episode Seth appeared on is here.

Seth Godin is a business management consultant who I heard on Q last Friday. He spoke about an amazing talk he did recently to the American music industry. He told them about how great they had it, but don't ant more. How the Internet is the new radio, and how they should find a way to harness this great new copying machine rather than trying to stamp it out.

No more political fundraisers for lobbyists

From this weeks Hill Times:

"Canada's federal Lobbyists Registrar Michael Nelson has delivered a stern warning to federal lobbyists, saying that they "place themselves in jeopardy" of breaching the Lobbyists Code of Conduct if they are both registered to lobby and working on political fundraising or electoral campaigns."

Downloading and VCRs

I sent the following to Matt Galloway at the CBC who had a music producer on his show Friday where they talked about "illegal downloading"


I just want to pass on a comment to Matt Galloway regarding Friday's show and illegal music downloading.

In December 2003 the Copyright Board of Canada declared that private copying of music to your hard drive was in fact legal. The board and the Copyright Act are silent on what acceptable sources of that copy can be.


F(r)ee Expression

Now at the end of "Freedom to Read Week", and in the wake of a small argument I've been having with another blogger partially regarding our differing views on censorship, I'd like to relate a compelling essay I read this week which talks about the dichotomy that exists within freedom of expression and copyright.

Happy Freedom to Read Week

February 24 through March 1 marks the annual Freedom to Read Week as promoted by the Book and Periodical Council. It is a very well intentioned event meant to educate the public about the dangers of censorship and to promote freedom of expression.

Hill Times FUD

It's a busy week in the Hill Times this week with several items dealing with copyright.

Perrin Beatty,president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. has his version of FUD here.

Michael Eisen, chief legal officer at Microsoft Canada based in Toronto, spreads his disinformation here.

Are they watching us?

This is a little off topic for this forum, but I find the implications so disturbing that I'm writing about it anyway. This person claims that he found a hardware keystroke logger embedded in his new Dell laptop. Further he implies in his post that it was mandated to be there by the US DHS.

If this is true it has dire consequences for personal freedom and privacy. Do we in Canada have any legal tools at our disposal to ensure that Dell is not foisting the same compromised laptops on us?

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