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Patents @ Public Policy Forum

Yesterday's blog by Michael Geist comments an article in Embassy Magazine about the recent PPF symposium, and the various government ministers and opposition critics comments on the copyright legislative process.

The article also touches upon patent law and paraphrases Michel Gerin of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, as saying we need to "promote awareness and clear up confusion among small and medium-sized businesses about the importance of intellectual property, especially around trademarks and patents. He said that without such protection, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to attract investors."

CFS position on copyright

Howard Knopf has posted that the Canadian Federation of Students has recently released their own paper on the issue of copyright. Read it here. He is right in his assessment that they argue for a much better balance then what the multinational corporations and foreign governments are trying to get us to adopt.

There is one part of their brief however where I think they still have it wrong. That is on the issue of moral rights.

Ice Road Copyrights

Earlier this week the CBC did an interview with a trucker who was featured in a reality show call "Ice Road Truckers". The show was about truckers who drive nearly 500 KM over ice roads through lakes and tundra in the NWT.

Book Piracy To Drive Authors to Extinction. Blog at 11.

In today's Times Online, Tracy Chevalier, of the UK's Society of Authors contends that the threat of Internet Piracy will ruin the book industry just as it has the music industry.

Exceptions to the Copyright rule

John Degen, who is a bit of a nemesis to me, (or at least he would be if he acknowledged points of view which were counter to his, rather than simply shades of his own) wrote yet another blog entry recently extolling the virtues of copyright and how good it is that copyright allows authors to provide for their families even after death.

Millions of P2P server/clients

Last Monday MiniNova, a popular BitTorrent P2P site celebrated its 4,000,000,000th torrent download. Yes you counted right, 4 billion. They also claim to have 5 million torrent seeders at a time. They have indexed over 11,000 torrent trackers (which are the other computers that actually facilitate the downloads, thousands of downloads for each tracker)

Who owns the field?

Back in November Deborah Windsor, (Executive Director of The Writers' Union of Canada) and John Degen (Executive Director of the Professional Writers Association of Canada) wrote a letter to the editor of the Hill Times in response to an article penned by Michael Geist in the previous issue.

Creators and "free lunchers" on same side

Today Christopher Moore (no relation) over at the Creators Copyright Coalition discussed the words of a guest speaker at the Access Copyright annual meeting recently, Montreal lawyer Claude Brunet of Ogilvy Renault who represents many of the nation's largest publishers.

A novel collage

Today's Toronto Star has an interesting article about literary collage. Graham Rawle is a British artist/author who wrote an entire novel using other peoples words.

Every sentence in his book was painstakingly lifted from other publications. He even went so far as to maintain the font of the original work so the book more resembles the worlds longest ransom note.

Copyright in Fashion

Yesterday's NY Times has an article on the fashion industry's struggle to try to get copyright protection on its fashion designs.

Not unsurprisingly, and much to their credit, the manufacturers who will actually be making the garments are afraid that extending copyright law to explicitly protect fashion design will open a Pandora's box of litigation.

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