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Contrasting Telecommunities Canada’s digital society strategy with digital economy statements in Party Platforms

I have mapped the "core values" of Telecommunities Canada to statements on the digital economy included in Party Platforms. See:

Re: The Digital Canada of Tomorrow.

Re: "The Digital Canada of Tomorrow." Liberal Party's platform, April 3, 2001, pages 18-19.

[Originally written for posting to a Telecommunities Canada (TC) discussion list]

I’ve seen some reminders in the media these days about emotional elections not being the time for rational discussion of “policy.” So I do concede that advancing a detailed analysis of danger zones in the Liberals’ plan for Canada’s digital future is, for the moment, hopeless. But, maybe for later on, when we all go back to the hard work of governing?

The Liberals’ “Digital Canada of Tomorrow” is more like the Digital Canada of Yesterday, a backward glance in its framing of issues that’s startlingly [conservative?]!

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