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Burnaby-Douglas MP Bill Siksay on Bill C-61

Burnaby-Douglas Link is a monthly publication produced by Hon. MP Bill Siksay's office and is sent to every household in the Burnaby-Douglas riding. On the front cover of Burnaby-Douglas Link's July 2008 issue (png image), MP Siksay discusses in length the negative impacts that Bill C-61 will bring upon Canadians and describes his position on the said bill. The following is a text copy.

Dear Friends,

As I write, Parliament has just recessed for the summer.

DefectiveByDesign Anti-DRM Campaign

DefectiveByDesign, an anti-DRM campaign of the Free Software Foundation, is currently targetting organizations such as CRIA, RIAA, and IFPI with important anti-DRM messages. Join the fight today by giving executives at these entertainment industry organizations a piece of your reasonable mind.

Hon. MP Bill Siksay on copyright legislation in Canada

Responding to an edited letter sent by me through Digital Copyright Canada's "Send a letter to your member of parliament" campaign, the Honourable MP Bill Siksay of Burnaby-Douglas has kindly sent me the following reply.

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for your most recent letter about copyright legislation in Canada. As I have stated before, copyright is always a difficult balancing act between the fair use of the consumer and fair remuneration for artists. What has made the issue more difficult is the explosive growth of digital technologies in recent years.

Canadian music giant funds battle against RIAA

Nettwerk Music Group, Canada's biggest record label, publisher, and management company, is helping out a family sued by the RIAA.

"The current actions of the RIAA are not in my artists' best interests," said Nettwerk chief executive Terry McBride in a prepared statement.

"Litigation is not 'artist development'. Litigation is a deterrent to creativity and passion and it is hurting the business I love."

Read the full article by Andrew Orlowski of The Register at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/01/27/nettwerk_sues_riaa/.

Burnaby-Douglas MP Bill Siksay Re-elected

The Honourable MP Bill Siksay (NDP), who signalled the will to oppose Bill C-60 in the last Parliament, has also been re-elected by the people of Burnaby-Douglas in Canada's 39th General Election.

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