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Telecom Ottawa sold to private provider

Well, for those fans of the "last mile" concept, here is one more dream you can say good bye to. This week, Hydro Ottawa announced that it had approved a bid to sell off its fibre-optic network to a private Internet company, Atria Networks LP.

Standards coucil makes public request for input on open source software

On the website of the Standards Council for Canada earlier this month, the agency asks for input relating to a proposal to adopt Open Office XML as the international standard.

read the press release

The deadline for comments is in July. Go to the link to give your input.

Broadband in OECD on the rise

A newly released study from the OECD shows how broadband is increasingly more accessible across the world. (Or, at least, accessed by more people. There is a difference.)


Canada shows that its broadband penetration has almost tripled since 2001. Denmark and the Netherlands top the list among every OECD country.

The study shows data from 2001 to 2006.

Pandora asking for help

Pandora, an online music station, is pleading to its fans across the Web for support in face of a new decision by US copyright officials that could put the company’s future, and other Internet radio services, in jeopardy.

I received a mass e-mail from the founder of the music service – which provides an automated selection of music based on the user’s preferences – asking to sign a petition “urging” congress to save Internet radio.

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