Bill C-61

Conservative government tables Bill C-61, "An Act to amend the Copyright Act" on June 12, 2008. Please see Industry Canada: Copyright reform process.

Message to a facebook friend, Mr. Dion

I posted the following to the discussion forum hosted by Mr Stéphane Dion on Facebook.

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Bill C-61 is the current Conservative Copyright Bill, and Bill C-60 was the Liberal bill tabled in 2005 which was dropped from the order paper when the election was called.

While I disagreed with the direction of both bills, the Liberal bill was far more balanced than the Conservative bill.

Copyright lobby hunkering down, studying Bill C-61, and building alliances

A Hill Times article by Simon Doyle discusses C-61 and the ongoing analysis by various lobby groups on all sides of the debate.

Hugh McGuire: Open Letter to Ministers re: Bill C-61

Hugh McGuire is the Founder of, a volunteer service that created audio books from public domain books. In his Open Letter to Ministers Prentice and Verner he discusses some of the harmful implications of legal protection for digital locks put around public domain or otherwise liberally licensed works.

Corcoran's no capitalist

David F. Skoll, President, Roaring Penguin Software Inc, Ottawa, had a letter to the editor published about Terence Corcoran's attack on opponents of C-61, claiming that they were somehow anti-capitalist. David rightfully points out that it is Mr. Corcoran that is presenting a very anti-capitalist viewpoint, just as I had done.

House adjourns until September 15

The house just adjourned for the summer. C-61 remains at first reading. We need to ensure that everyone speaks to their MP over the summer. Go to as many of the events that they will be hosting as possible. Go to their websites, and sign up for their constituency newsletters. Seek out and talk to the constituency associations for all the parties.

One of the first decisions that will be made in September will be whether the bill is referred to a committee before second reading (before means more radical amendments can be made), and what committee it will be (Industry, Heritage, legislative).

Campus bookstores say Copyright Act Remains Anti-Student

Press release: OTTAWA, June 19 /CNW Telbec/ - Today, Canada's campus bookstores lamented that amendments proposed to the Copyright Act will continue to financially and academically hurt Canadian university students. Legislation amending the Copyright Act, Bill C-61, was introduced in the House of Commons last week by Industry Minister Jim Prentice.

Charlie Angus on Bill-61, Canadian DMCA copyright law

More conversation between the Minister of Industry and Charlie Angus this afternoon.

Format shifting and time shifting are *NOT* permitted in this bill, contrary to what the Minister claims.

Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences statement on C-61 (English PDF, French PDF, PDF readers).

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