Liberal Bill C-60 was a project of, a citizens' group established to counter the industry lobbying forces which are trying to strengthen all Intellectual Property laws, often, to the detriment of individual Canadians, and Canadian society as a whole.

Bill C-60, "An Act to amend the Copyright Act" (legislative details)
Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons (2005-06-20)
This bill will have a significant impact on what YOU are legally allowed to do with YOUR PROPERTY.

BLOG on Bill C-60.
This is used for updates on the bill, including what various media and interested parties have been saying about it.

Consumer Fact Sheet.
How will Bill C-60 affect you?

Respected technology and freedom advocates opinions

Do something!
What can you do to change this? As a minimum, please sign our Petition for Users' Rights.

Government FAQ circulated to MPs

*note that these files are encumbered with a form of Digital Rights Management. This was put in place by our own government to restrict YOUR legitimate access to the content. This is a prime example of how DRM can be abused. If our own government is abusing this technology (the one department which should know better, no less), you can bet that private corporations will be also.

Here is an HTML version of the above document with the DRM removed (by us) and our own comments added: More complete answers to goverment FAQ

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