Bill C-60

Bill C-60, “An Act to amend the Copyright Act” , with first reading June 20, 2005. Please also see our Bill C-60 specific pages.

Copyright bill satisfies recording industry

This Globe and Mail Update by Jack Kapica includes:

Copyright holders and Internet service providers are the direct beneficiaries of the revisions to the Copyright Act in a bill tabled in Parliament this afternoon.


The bill, he added, does little to address individual interests.

Michael Geist: Canada Introduces New Copyright Bill

Canada Introduces New Copyright Bill, by Michael Geist

See also: Bill C-60

As expected, this afternoon the federal government introduced its copyright reform bill (UPDATE: Bill C-60 is now available online). In this age of instant analysis, new legislation does not work particularly well since it requires considerable study and scrutiny to develop a full sense of its implications.

Media Release - CIPPIC Responds to Government Copyright Bill

(See also: p2pnet: Not a happy day for Canadians

CIPPIC Questions Unbalanced Copyright Bill

Rights-holders get more, longer, stronger rights - again

Users get more liability and, grudgingly, some exceptions

Ottawa, ON – June 20, 2005 – The government of Canada today released its long-awaited Bill to amend the Canadian Copyright Act. Proposed amendments include:

Government of Canada Introduces Bill to Amend the Copyright Act

A Bill entitled “An Act to amend the Copyright Act” was tabled in the house today, and published on the parliamentary website.

A press release was sent out almost immediately by Industry Canada.

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