Legislative Committee on Bill C-32

C-32 committee meeting 10 thoughts

It was a packed house for the first half of Meeting 10 of the C-32 committee. You had some familiar faces as observers who had been past witnesses such as witnesses such as Jason Kee, and you also had people like David Basskin (CMRRA, who I had a chance to debate back in 2003).

C-32 committee meeting 9 thoughts

While this was the first meeting of the C-32 special legislative committee in the new year, there wasn't much new in the discussion from the witnesses. The two sets of witnesses don't really like copyright, and they want to replace copyright with something different. While the first article that was written about my participation in this debate was given the headline “The anti-copyright crusader”, I think this fits in better for these witnesses than it does for me.

Comments on Liberals' propose amendments to copyright bill C-32

The Liberal party has sent out a release where they propose amendments to copyright bill C-32. Overall I think it is a positive direction they are taking, but the devil may be in the details. I know I don't understand in detail what they are proposing.

Smoke and mirrors from Clement and Moore

Today Ministers Clement and Moore had a little show in Ottawa's Rideau Center where they made statements about the so-called "iPod tax". (See press release)

I find it frustrating that the Ministers claim to be so concerned about a levy on devices, while at the same time including legal support for non-owner locks on our devices in C-32. If I had to choose between non-owner locks or levies, I would choose levies every time. This whole exercise seems to be smoke and mirrors aimed at misdirecting technology owners from the attack on their rights embedded within C-32.

C-32 committee meeting 8 thoughts

This was an interesting day as it saw author Douglas Arthur Brown and two representatives from the Canadian Teachers' Federation (Mary-Lou Donnelly, President; John Staple, Deputy Secretary General) as witnesses. As can be expected, the topic was educational copyright. There were a few statements made that just blew me away, so there is much to write about. I will keep this as brief as I can.

C-32 committee meeting 8 in-camera speculation

The first half of meeting 8 will be similar to others, with an author (Douglas Arthur Brown) and representatives from the Canadian Teachers Federation. The second half of the meeting will be in-camera. While I will report on the first part later, it is this second part I'm wanting to speculate on and get peoples opinions.

C-32 committee meeting 7 thoughts.

First up this afternoon was a panel made up of representatives of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC). Next was a panel of representatives from the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP), Barreau du Québec, and Hon. John Manley representing the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

C-32 committee meeting 6 thoughts.

I tried to attend this meeting in person, and ended up sitting on a ledge at the window near the doorway. The place was packed, with the room only set up to have less than 20 media or general public in attendance. My hope is that future meetings will be scheduled in a place that allows more people to attend, as I find I get more out of attending the meetings in person than I can from the online streaming.

Putting fairness back into the fair dealings debate

One of the witnesses in front of the C-32 committee today will be Roanie Levy, General Counsel and Director, Policy and External Affairs, for Access Copyright. We have a pretty good idea what she will have to say today given she also has an opinion piece in this week's Hill Times.

It is a repeat of the false claim that adding the word "education" to the first step of the fair dealings evaluation will greatly harm the legitimate interests of creators.