Legislative Committee on Bill C-32

Updated: Members of Canada's Federal Parliament I have met

I have updated the page listing the MPs I have met with the members of the C-32 legislative committee that were present on March 8'th when I spoke to the committee.

Around the table it was:

Acting chair: Hon. Maxime Bernier (Chair Gordon Brown was away due to a death in his family)

Liberals: Pablo Rodriguez, Marc Garneau, Hon. Dan McTeague

Bloc: Carole Lavallée, Serge Cardin

NDP: Charlie Angus

Witnesses: David Fewer and I

Conservative: Ed Fast, Peter Braid, Dean Del Mastro, Mike Lake

Thoughts on C-32 committee meeting 18

Today had a mixture of witnesses. In the morning there were 4 people representing CMRRA-SODRAC Inc, a collective representing composers and their publishers when dealing with mechanical reproductions. Marian Hebb is with Artists' Legal Advice Services, and author Margaret Atwood was on teleconference from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Thoughts on C-32 committee meeting 17

Today I was invited to speak along with David Fewer from the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC). (Transcripts, audio/video and minutes are all online.)

CIPPIC was established at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law in the fall of 2003, and has offices in the law building at the University. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the law professors, law students and other staff at both the University of Ottawa Technology law and CIPPIC for all the help they have offered me over the years.

Presenting at Bill C-32 meeting #17

Along with David Fewer from the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), I will be on a panel this morning in front of the Bill C-32 legislative committee.

I included what I will be saying as my opening remarks was included in the introduction section of my brief to the committee.

Thoughts about C-32 committee meeting 16

Thursday was Radio Broadcaster day, with the morning and afternoon sessions being witnesses from the radio broadcasting industry talking about exceptions relating to temporary reproductions for technological purposes and ephemeral recordings exception (Modifications to sections 30.71-30.9).

I don't have any skin in this specific game. I am not a broadcaster, and don't listen to music on radio. I very occasionally listen to CBC news in the morning, and have some radio shows I listen to as MP3's (audio blogs), but I'm not an audience for the type of broadcaster being discussed.

It is also hard to be seen as sympathetic to broadcasters generally. The way the broadcasters are spinning this, including in their "Local TV...err. Radio matters" attack ads, is disgusting and dishonest.

Thoughts about C-32 committee meeting 15

Today was a music industry day, with the morning session being representatives of the recording industry ("makers of sound recording"), and the afternoon session being music composers and their publishers.

The story in the morning was very familiar: The sky is falling -- look at how bad it is (spin the wheel of alleged misfortune) -- and something must be done. Bill C-32 is "something", so clearly it will stop the sky from falling. It must be passed, and we should stop talking about it.

C-32 committee meeting 14 thoughts

The 14'th meeting of the C-32 special legislative committee saw 2 sets of associations from the film distribution sector in the morning, and then 4 sets of associations involved in the film and television production sector. As with previous meetings there was complaints about how the meetings have been organized, given it isn't fair to have the same 1 hour for 2 fairly similar associations as it is for 4 more different associations.

C-32 committee meeting 13 thoughts

Most of the witnesses for the 13'th meeting of the C-32 committee had a compatible policy focus. They were representatives from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Canadian Association of University Teachers, Campus Stores Canada, Canadian Association of Research Libraries and Canadian Federation of Students. Each represent creators and users of copyrighted works, and some of what are often called "owners" (non-creator copyright holders). As such they had a relatively balanced view compared to some of the other witnesses.

C-32 committee meeting 12 thoughts

There were two very different panels for meeting #12. In the morning was two representatives of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), and in the afternoon was a panel of writers (English and French) and collective society Copibec, Quebec's equivalent of Access Copyright.

C-32 committee meeting 11 thoughts

Each of the committee meetings has something interesting to say about it, and meeting #11 was no different. I would recommend that people read the transcripts later, as I will only highlight a few thoughts from each meeting.

Believe it or not, I'm trying hard to keep these committee meeting comments short :-)

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