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PaRSEC: Designing software for the exascale supercomputer generation

Supercomputers are getting faster than ever, but the next generation, which will be able to do a quintillion floating point operations per second, needs software that can keep up.

Chromebooks: A bright spot in the dark PC market

Yes, the PC market is going to hell in a hand-basket -- except for the sub-$300 market where the Linux-based Chromebook is leading the way to growth.

Verizon backs Ubuntu smartphone

Verizon Wireless joins the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group. This move sets Verizon up to be the first carrier to bring the Ubuntu-Linux based smartphone to the US.

Red Hat will switch from Oracle MySQL to MariaDB, reports

Officially, Red Hat still isn't saying that MariaDB, instead of Oracle's MySQL, will be its default database management system in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. But off-the-record people close to Red Hat tell a different story.

Citrix goes all in for open-source XenServer cloud

XenServer, the first major open-source hypervisor, returns to its open-source roots with its latest Citrix release.

Fedora 19, Schrödinger's Cat, lives

Red Hat's latest community Linux, Fedora 19, is out and ready for cutting-edge Linux users and developers.

Microsoft-sponsored Outercurve Foundation turns to Apache for leadership

The open-source software foundation announced that Jim Jagielski, co-founder of the Apache Foundation and a Red Hat consulting software engineer, would be taking over as its President.

Ready to run desktop Linux PC: MintBox 2

Like Linux Mint? Want it in a plug and go PC? CompuLab may have the computer for you: the new MintBox 2.

Five simple ways to avoid Android malware

Android malware really is everywhere, but you can keep yourself safe by following some simple rules.

Microsoft's mobile strategy: Where Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 fit in

Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 aren't doing well, but Microsoft can still make out with some help from Intel and Windows 8.1 If its great ARM experiment doesn't work out, supporting Microsoft's key applications on Android and iOS won't hurt.

Want a cloud where you call the shots? Consider ownCloud

If you want an easy-to-use, private open-source cloud for your needs, the new ownCloud may just be what the CIO ordered.

The most popular end-user Linux distributions are...

...almost certainly not the ones you're thinking of.

Linux continues to rule supercomputers

If you want a really fast computer, then Linux is your operating system and Intel may be your chip manufacturer.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 software stack still under wraps

There was a story recently that Red Hat would replace MySQL with MariaDB in the next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Actually, Red Hat isn't saying yet which DBMS, or any other specific program, will be shipping in RHEL 7.

System76 introduces new high-end Ubuntu Linux laptops

Want a gaming or workday ready-to-run Ubuntu Linux laptop? System76 has the gear you crave.

Red Hat bets its cloud future on OpenStack

The message coming out of Red Hat's annual Red Hat Summit is that while Linux is Red Hat's foundation, OpenStack is its future.

Supreme Court Says: You Can Copy That Floppy DNA Material

Pharmaceuticals suffer patent setback.

IBM to bring Linux KVM virtualization to its Power server line

Linux has its own built-in hypervisor, KVM, for x86 virtualization, and now IBM is porting it to its Power architecture.

Apple iOS 7: Android copycat?

Actually, Apple's forthcoming iOS 7 isn't so much an Android clone as it is a mashup of everyone else's mobile operating systems.

TurnKey Linux offers 64-bit server apps on Amazon cloud

TurnKey Linux, the ready-to-run Linux cloud server app company, is now offering 64-bit server apps on Amazon Web Services.
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