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Re: The surprising state of millennial media spending

Fri, 2015/01/16 - 05:46

I'm not a "millennial" (Born in '68), but am one of those media consumers that the older media companies are avoiding allowing to pay. I did spend decades involved in copyright policy, and contrary to beliefs that Internet savvy people don't want to pay I believe it is non-Internet savvy media companies that don't want us to pay.

I wrote about this on Tuesday: Evidence suggests broadcasters like the BBC don't want our money

Your summary mentioned the potential un-tieing of HBO GO from cable in the US, but that is unlikely to happen in Canada (where I live) given HBO has an exclusive with Bell, one of the BDUs (Broadcast Distribution Undertakings). While the content may be available to Bell customers, it won't be to people like me who refuse to subsidize companies I consider to be political opponents.

Legitimacy of new TV options CraveTV (Bell) and Shomi (Rogers, Shaw)

I have been sending message to HBO for a few years asking when they are going to allow me to pay, but have never heard anything back. This is a service I am very interested in, but not one that has been offered to me.

While I believe these anti-competitive tied selling (What Canada's Competition Act calls this harm to the economy) should be prosecuted, I'm not holding my breath. I do believe, in the meantime, that those trying to get at the pocketbooks of Internet savvy media consumers should stop pointing elsewhere for problems created by the media companies.

Re: Netflix US to Remove Doctor Who and Other BBC Programmes

Fri, 2015/01/16 - 05:17

I blogged about this:

Evidence suggests broadcasters like the BBC don't want our money

I know there are so many articles from fellow Whovians who explain why people shouldn't infringe copyright on Who. While I don't infringe myself, I understand why people do given the BBC goes out of their way to make it harder for people to access and pay for their programming.

I'm Canadian, so this may not impact us the same way -- again, the total nonsense of geographical barriers.