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The Digital Copyright Canada forum was started in Aug 2001 to allow for a public response to that phase of the Canadian copyright revision process. While the forum focuses on digital copyright, related issues of patents, copyright, trademarks (PCT) and other sui generis protections are discussed.

Many of the participants are proponents of more recent "commons-based peer production" methodologies which include Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and the Creative Commons. Our members come from all parts of society including creative Canadians and audiences, and recognize the importance of both creators' rights and users' rights. Most of our creator members feel the greatest threat to their rights is not copyright infringement, but excessive control by past creators who stifle creativity that builds upon the past.

This site can be seen as divided into different areas:

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  • All Canadians should sign these petitions. Use this as a tool to educate your friends and family on what is happening, and please consider engaging in dialog with your member of parliament.

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    Each of the pages part of this system can be in a number of different categories. These categories include policy areas, organizations, and political parties. A major features is the list of Canadian Electoral Districts so you can learn about your member of parliament and organize with people in your own area.

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    We hope to make Digital Copyright and related technology and cultural policy an area that more Canadian citizens and all federal politicians are familiar with. We can only do this if all concerned citizens talk to each other and to their elected representatives.