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Making copyright an upcoming election issue

Copyright, Patent, etc lawyer Howard Knopf speculates about how Copyright could become an election issue given how some very articulate and informed Canadians are watching this file.

The Canadian political parties have spoken on climate change

While there has been considerable finger-pointing about the past from all parties about Kyoto, a vote last night has clearly stated the current position of each of the parties. There is really no more need for debate about what parties will help do Canada's share in ensuring a future for our planet and our children, and which will not.

Defend MY interests, please...

I'm not the sort of person to follow a specific political party. The concept of a political party, in general, deviates from my approach to democracy: I prefer to focus on the local candidates rather than the party for fear of inaccurate representation. An example of this would be when back in university where Peter MacKay was running in the Central Nova riding. At that time, he might've seemed an unlikely choice for me. He was so well spoken and energetic that I seriously considered voting for him. In the end, though, I felt he was too committed to his party's platform to be an adequate MP for me.

Will you and your party take the "Copyright Pledge"

The following was sent to the leaders of all 15 registered parties, and the candidates in my riding of Ottawa South.

I strongly agree with Michael Geist when he says that the party leaders should take a Copyright Pledge. It would hold that:

No Member of Parliament who has accepted financial contributions or other benefits from (i) a copyright lobby group, (ii) its corporate members, or (iii) senior executives as well as (iv) a copyright collective shall serve as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, nor sit on any legislative committee (parliamentary or standing committees) conducting hearings or deliberations on copyright matters.

Pledge comes from Cleaning Up Copyright, by Michael Geist.

Update: Online Rights Canada has an online petition for all Canadians to sign onto to ask politicians to take the pledge.

Pirate Party launches in Sweden

A Battleangel article by Björn Hallberg includes:

Tired of being deemed a criminal and a terrorist by the system for sharing a few measly files at no financial gain or loss to anyone? Tired of seeing the developing world starve because the developed syndicate refuses to share its intellectual property? Tired of corporations engaging in the racketeering of the developing world, stealing millennia old agricultural ideas and claiming them as their own? Do you feel that a few power hungry individuals and greedy corporate entities are infringing on YOUR privacy and integrity? If so, you may be what we are looking for. You may in fact be a "pirate" without knowing it.

It will be intersting to see how long before this right-of-center party appears in a Canadian election.

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