Topics discussing when software code acts as a form of policy, what Lawrence Lessig , author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace would call (US) "East-coast-code meets West-coast-code".

Avi Rubin: Undetectable election fraud was...undetected...

This report by Avi Rubin, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, includes:

The media was setting up the election as potentially marred by e-voting. There was a problem with this. The biggest threat posed by the current crop of electronic voting machines is a software problem, either malicious or due to an unintentional bug, that affects the outcome of the election in an undetectable way. The media, however, focus on detectable problems.

Globe Technology Poll: Voting machines and the US election...

This Globe Technology poll asks:

Considering the problems surrounding new voting technology, do you trust the U.S. election results?

It is telling that even before the average Canadian understands code as a form of law that over 60% do not trust the election results. This gives me some hope.

Do you trust the US election results? I don't!

While I predicted the winner that the DRE vendors would return, I would be skeptical of the results of the election regardless of who the winner was. From the short-lived poll on the Globe and Mail website it suggests that other Canadians are also skeptical. I wonder what the election results would be if someone tabulated only the ballot results, excluding the ballot-less DRE machines.

Fortunately there are groups in the USA that will be working hard to expose this potential or abused method of electoral fraud. Black Box Voting has sent in a huge Freedom of Information request.

The under-reported election story.

This paper shows how small vote manipulations can swing elections (Cite, PDF), showing that the "computer error" would not have to be major.

I have been amazed about how under-reported the approximately 1/3 ballot-less voting in the US election is receiving. There will be no record of the fraud, and even if an error were detected the blind trust of software vendors (authors of the secret election process) would have people misdirected into blaming "computer error".

Le vote électronique

Une émission sur le vote électronique (les machines à voter) aux États Unis.

Faite par Radio-Canada Zone Libre.

Regardez Le vote électronique (Windows Media)

Pour plus de renseignements: Paper Vote Canada.

CIO Insight: A Vote of No Confidence

Rebecca Mercuri Responds to a Reader's Letter on e-Voting

A reader from India finds it hard to see why Dr. Rebecca Mercuri thinks electronic voting machines are not "trustworthy" enough to be used in U.S. elections. Mercuri explains why we are worlds apart.

Read the original story -- "A Vote of No Confidence"

EFFector and electronic vote tampering

Predictably the October 27, 2004 issue of EFFector contains quite a few articles about problems with voting machines.

Also on Election Day, more than 1,300 technologist volunteers with the Verified Voting Foundation (VVF) TechWatch program will work with Election Protection hotline volunteers to chronicle and respond rapidly to election problems, providing detailed, accurate information for follow-on litigation and policymaking.

60 Min report on e-vote, Wed Oct 27

There will be a report on e-voting on CBS 60 Minutes Wednesday,
tonight Wednesday , Oct. 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

See Paper Vote Canada for more information.

e-Week: Integrity of Florida E-Voting in Doubt

This e-Week article by Rachel Konrad, AP Writer includes:

This time, the outrage wouldn't be over dimpled, pregnant and hanging chads; the state banned the maligned punch cards after 2000. Instead, it would almost certainly be directed at those who decided on the touch-screen machines.

Computer scientists, practically as a profession, don't trust them—not without a range of safeguards that aren't in place for this election. They say the touch screens now in use could alter or delete votes—and th

Boom Chicago Video: Bush Wins Florida!

This video by Boom Chicago is quite telling:

With Jeb Bush as governor, and voting machine maker Diebold contributing to the Republican party, this might be what voting is like across Florida on Nov 2.

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