Appropriation Art Press Release: Fighting Spin with Comic Book

The day prior to the release of Bill C-61 Appropriation Art released 51st State

It's Us vs U.S. in the battle for Canadian Sovereignty.

An ironic chronicle of the fight to maintain Freedom of Expression in Canada. 51st State is a clickable comic book. It links to 193 websites, blogs, films and papers and articles. For best viewing download to your hard drive and then click links.

Michael Geist
Gordon Duggan of Appropriation Art has created a remarkable comic book [PDF - 2.8 MB] chronicling the recent battle over Canadian copyright reform. The book includes over 100 links to websites, articles, and other resources as every quote or reference is hyperlinked. It concludes with references to groups actively involved in copyright issues and suggestions for how to get active. This left me absolutely speechless.
Cory Doctorow
I concur 100 percent — this is just staggeringly great, the perfect primer on the shameful attempt by Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice to smuggle the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act into Canadian law without debate or public input.
William Patry
…the most amazing piece of public policy advocacy I have ever seen. Mixing Thomas Nast with superheros comics, Gordan Duggan, a Canadian artist who works with the Appropriation Art collective, has just “published” a pdf comic called 51st State. The comic book details the fight for Canadian sovereignty in the face of overwhelming American interests and pressure.
Howard Knopf
Gordon Duggan, founder of Appropriation Art, has a fantastic copyright comic book, which can be found here.
It features all the usual suspects, and I’m honoured to be included.
Quite apart from the artistic brilliance of it, it’s really quite accurate and informative.
It should be mandatory reading for those responsible for this file in the government.
Russell McOrmond
a classic battle of good vs. evil of comic proportions where the “Evil Emissaries of American Interests try to suppress the Fantastic Freedom of Expression Fighters
Maitri’s VatulBlog
Sweet ghost of Johannes Gutenberg, this is awesome! Gordon Duggan of Appropriation Art has put out a comic book about the ongoing, mostly covert efforts on the part of the Canadian government to lengthen that nation’s copyright terms (currently a moderate life-plus-fifty) and to stifle user rights.
forbidden planet international
You might think this is a pretty dry subject matter, but it has major implications for the freedom of creative people and their fans, not just in comics but in all sorts of mediums, from video to music…
Cliff Almas Hesby, Rusty Idols
…this is a great, succinct rundown of the issues around Canadian copyright law and what you can do to protect your rights - in comic book form!

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